Air Cow-boy from Australia


Air Cow-boy from Australia

To gather the huge cattle herds, which goes off in the middle of nowhere, several methods of “Mustering” open to Australian cow-boy.
R22 helicopter, airplane, all road, bikes, and of course horse, all connected by radio UHF. Usually it is a combination of all of these means that choosing the farms of outback ( Wild desert country of Australia).

A dangerous sport.


The cattle mustering (gathering of herds) may take up to three weeks, depending on the size of the station (breeding farm), which can reach easily the size of a Switzerland ……. .. Moreover, many stations have their own plane, and use it to go around fences, check the water points and go around the owner. Air mustering is a “sport” dangerous, the preferred helicopter for these cowboys of the sky is the Robinson R22 which replaced Bell G2.


Every year pilot clinging trees, and accidents are frequent. Indeed, livestock becomes increasingly recalcitrant taking age, forcing drivers to take risks to go flush out in the bush as close under the trees and thus in an ocher dust cloud. Mustering is an Australian cattle ranch is not as easy as it looks. The boundless outback sky erupts in a display of pink hues, as sunrise Gives Reviews another way to dazzling morning on the Australia’s remote Northern Territory stations.


The property’s half a million acres of sun-baked emptiness shimmers in the antipodean dawn. Mustering season is well under way and the cattle yards are already buzzing with activity. Many flying-school provide training for mustering qualification, but the working conditions (dangerous, number of hours flown heat, fatigue, basic accommodation at the resorts) are mustering as driver seats are still available for this work ungrateful. The Cattle once gathered in the stock yard, is then sorted and then transported on cattle fairs in major cities of the Outback, with enormous Road Trains (multi-trailer trucks) where it will be auctioned.


The age for meat animals, if not the youngest heads will leave for other stations to continue to grow and will sooner or later T-bone on the plates of cowboys and grill lovers! R-22 demonstrated at ESALAT DAX. The Robinson R22 is a light civil helicopter for 2, produced by the Robinson Helicopter Company since 1979.


With a brand Lycoming piston engine, it is distinguished by its low cost operating and is appreciated for the beginning of school that his driving is considered particularly sensitive because of the low inertia resulting from a two-bladed rotor and a low power motor.

R22, the trusty steed.

Fitzroy Crossing helicopter pilot Rick Ford. Picture: Nathan Dyer

The first flight of an R22 took place in 1975. In 2008 it was R22 179 which were delivered in France while in Australia the park is more than 1000 units registered. Cockpit R22 Used for training, police surveillance, television, tracking schools of fish, transport, mustering.

R22 is equipped with a Lycoming 0-320-tare B2C A131 hp
– main rotor Dimensions: 25.2 ft / 7.7 m
– Tail rotor: 3.5 ft / 1.1 m
– Height: 8.75 ft / 2.7 m
– Length: 28.75 ft /8.8 m
– Width: 6.33 ft / 1.9 m
– Empty Weight: 824 lbs / 374 kg
– Total weight: 1,370 lbs / 621 kg
– Payload: 546 lbs / 248 kg (External: None)
– Vne: 102 kts / 189 kmh
– maximum cruising speed: 96 kts / 178 kmh
– Maximum Rate of climb: 1,000 fpm / 305 mpm
– Stationary in ground effect: 6,970 ft / 2,124 m
– Stationary out of ground effect: 5,200 ft
– Service Ceiling : 14,000 ft / 4,267 m
– Main Fuel Capacity: 19.2 gal / 72.7 l
– Auxiliary tank: 10.5 gal / 40.6 l
– Autonomy without reservations: 209 nm / 386.3 km1
– Standard Avionics: King KY 197 COMM transceiver with intercom.
– Basic equipment: Double control, rotor brake, stepper motor controller, landing lights, vertical speed indicator.
Seats: driver + 1 passenger.

Versions: 1979-1983 R22 Standard 1979 1983 2006+ 2006+ HP R22 R22 Alpha 1985 to 1996 Mariner 1996 to R22 Beta II 2006+ 1996 to R22 R44 Mariner II
– basic (4 places) A ​​few years after its release Robinson R22 has resulted in a larger and more powerful machine, the Robinson R44.

Featuring a piston engine 6-cylinder 245 hp and capable of carrying four people, it is also used for mustering but to a lesser extent than R22 2place. Cockpit R44 The Robinson R44 (derived from the lighter version, 2-seater, sold a few years earlier: the Robinson R22) is a light helicopter engine Lycoming piston, 4-seater, also produced by the company “Robinson Helicopter “since 1992. As in the years this machine has emerged with new versions R44 Raven and the brand new R44 Raven II (2006).
Combining reliability and performance, it became the best selling helicopter in the world in its category with 714 units delivered in 2008.

Australia Air cowboys
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