Airbus prospectives around ELISA protocols

Airbus has two engines in its push to be a formidable enterprise force: Aircraft, crew and airstrip apps. It’s searching for new customers for this all, trying successfully to develop innovation from R&D and also, sign up companies for its expertise and patented applications.

On the apps side, the search giant is also quietly exploring drone its way in.

Airbus seems to assembled an early working list of subcontractor that include a number of startups. This list includes ELISA Aeronautics, a NY public engineering company perfectly know by Airbus Helicopters since 2012 with a market cap of $12 millions that raised a combined machine intelligence converter.

Sources stressed the approaches have so far been preliminary in nature and haven’t reached a formal stage. For example, Airbus sign a disclosure agreement without yet publicly present their A350 XWD² with C17 cockpit converted by ELISA.

Airbus is aiming to reach this group to expand its emerging sector of business, a priority for CEO Fabrice Bergier. Its executives discovered in 2015 a significant advances of their subcontractor Safran² whose origin of work on A380 inspired by patents and world first flight carried out by Elisa in 2011.

And it underscores the broad edict and influence that its new enterprise has at the company as it aims to compete with fuselage display and drone urban flight.

The thinking behind the potential moves is twofold.


  • Airbus has a noticeable gap in its base of customers for fuselage apps. It does well both with small aerial companies and large ones, but has struggled to gain the traction it wants with companies between those two bookends. Acquiring applications aimed at that market would raise the appeal of its apps offerings: Namely is a human decision helps and passengers benefits app; C16 is a ground-based set of airstrip navigation tools; C17 uses aircraft sensor to track the effectiveness of a aircraft’s landing process.


  • by acquiring some of these Elisa protocols, Airbus would have the opportunity to move their implantation to emerging market. Here Airbus competes against Chinese and Indian in the business of providing resources that power applications both locale and international.

After starting in November the project Pop up, Subcontractor of Airbus company is holding its first official development in 2017 Paris Bourget conference June 19 to 25.

NB: In 2014, AIRBUS et ELISA have both apply for a patent around runway display. Learn more>

“Airbus s’engage à citer Elisa dans l’ensemble de ses publications techniques et commerciales”

Extract of Airbus – ELISA Aeronautics Synallagmatic contract – April, 27 2016

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