Elisa C18 transforms airstrip – FAROS Mode

FAROS Occupied Witness under Elisa protocls

Elisa turns airstrip marks during ground maneuver

When aircraft fleet is on final approach an ground maneuver, all airstrip turn Red. Then, ELISA converter for taxidrone station allows users and authority to inhibited risks of collision.

  • Their is recommended if long-term visual guidance is considered necessary and that when it is not provided other visual aids; or when it is difficult to identify because of the heliport is dipped lights around.
  • Elisa inducted a warning signal directly on the airstrip markings and simultaneously on the fuselage of the aircraft.
  • Elisa displayed also the warning signal on all substrats on it’s network wireless in a perimeter of 400 meters from the heliport as vehicles and staff uniforms.
  • Faros should be located more than 400 meters from the landing pad and can be located in the same or in an adjacent building so that not dazzle a user at short range.
  • A taxi drone’s operation control approach may be needed to ensure that C18 Elisa has enabled the Faros only when necessary.
  • The Faros must be certified FAA L-801H, or preferably in accordance with Annex 14  which should generate a H Morse
Elisa new york

During a crash, C16 and C18 system managed
FAROS instantly on the airstrip marking.

Remarkable feature of the A.I. is the witness of occupation FAROS managed by the airstrip tar.

Hundreds of FAROS Mode

ELISA converter allows urban flight’s certification
from rooftop, hotel, private boarding …
Especially for the Emirates Taxidrone station as well C18 Protocols.

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ELISA aeronautics
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