2017 Emirati award : ELISA Taxidrone Station, Architecture and the city of Dubai

Drone Station Conversion System. Years ahead.
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Taxidrone station open city to the urban flight transport's certification.

Machine learning monitored ground and fuselage signalization in all weather condition.

Boarding converter connecting people more faster than never.

2017 AWARD THEME: Taxidrone Station, Architecture and the City

Intra-urban air transport will become, under the initiative of the municipality of Dubai, a reality both ecologically responsible by the use of non-polluting drone but also strategic to thin roads traffic.
Unlike helicopters, transport drones sign their deployment in the cities in the form of a fleet of taxidrone spanned in malls, hotels, tourist sites, buildings … and will lead to profound modifications of architecture and public spaces.


A taxidrone station is closely linked to the parks and gardens and has inspired landscapes and architecture that is linked to the development of this new mode of transport. Many landing pad are also linked directly to the shores of sea, oceans, on large boats and will elicit architectures related to water and resort, to maritime activities. Ecological awareness and private air travel will be brought back to the popular environment. Buildings open new architectural and landscape projects with facilities for rooftop transfer to rooftop.


The 2017 EMIRATI AWARD will reward architects, urban projects, installations closely linked to the taxidrone station and its users. For example, it may involve the upgrading of existing or new buildings (condo, private house, hotel, tourist site, etc.), the creation of neighborhoods or facilities where urban flight is a major component of the urban take-off/landing space and the development of recharging and light-signaling docks, of exemplary and original projects for the recovery and re-use of modern oriental culture …

A special prize will be awarded to one imagination project around the theme “Machine intelligence and metal insectoid”.
The scale, theme, program, possible locations of these projects are left to the discretion of each.

Works files should be sent to the ELISA Assistance Committee for Investment of SMEs, to the attention of Jonathan Baptiste² (France) or Albertino Costa, (United Arab).
Or online
Deadline: April 1, 2017

FILE It will comprise, in an A3 file of not more than 20 pages, the documents necessary for the understanding of the realization (plans, sections, photographs before and after) as well as the contact details of the natural or legal person presenting the file, the author of the realization and that of the developer.
The works presented for the prize must have been made during the last five years. Files will be in French or English and will not be returned.

JURY The international jury, composed of half a dozen European and emirati personalities from various professional backgrounds, will meet on 9 and 10 April 2017 under the presidency of the Municipality of Dubai. The final list of applicant will be available on the Elisa aeronautics website. The results will be announced in the press and candidates will be informed by e-mail.
AWARD A special prize of 5,000 euros is made available to the jury by the founder of the prize; Elisa aeronautics.
PALMARES, EXHIBITION AND PUBLICATION The award ceremony will take place in Dubai in July 2017, in the presence of the winner and European and UAE personalities. It will be followed by the inauguration of the award-winning resort mentioned. This will also be presented in the catalog. All the works will be exhibited and nominatively published.
LEGAL Files and documents sent will not be returned. Candidates assign their rights of reproduction and communication of their documents to ELISA Assistance Committee for Investment for SMEs.

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