Symbiotic servoing development is part of the global preparation
of future toward the machine and human being.
ELISA aeronautics covers a wide variety of civil or military purposes.

Elisa aeronautics New York
Elisa aeronautics Dubai

Machine learning’s symbiote

July 2017
Predicting model of continuity between biological and Google bots in relation to the adaptation of man to his environment.

Droneship  captaincy

July 2017
Introducing report for the UAE about the modulation of aerial public transport by drone. Based on the data feed raised up by a 2014 flight test.

RTA Taxidrone Station: Implantation report

April 2017
The Dubai Municipality has prescribed the opening of public transport by drone and the transformation of its Land Transport Occupational Plan into a Local Urban Transport Plan.

Elisa aeronautics Dubai
Elisa aeronautics NYC

Study of the effetcs of opto-deflection in tactical military maneuvers

December 2016
Stealth, troop transport, strategic strikes requires some abilities for any pilots engaged in hostile environments. How opto-deflection fuselage will liberate themself of certain hiding constraints.

Ten Thousands Miles

September 2016
We proudly ( and modestly ) support Nathan Scott Ellis film from the University of Southern California
School of Cinematic Arts in memory of US Veterans.

Elisa Aeronautics New York USA
UAE Research & Development

September 2016
Presentation of the applications of visual servoing in aeronautics in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, defining the hypotheses of a TLR3 qualified demonstrator.
The procedure considered for validating the proposed protocols consists of the use of real-time display sequences on the patrols and of a symbiote simulator taking into account a rotary wing flight model.

Two complaints filled

August 10, 2016
Modified content. Instance in progress


by electroluminescent store new york
A350 Neo engineering

April 1, 2016
In France, Airbus technical center & Elisa works around a C17 organ to define an inclusion on A350 Stelia fuselage.

Production unit

August, 2015
Integration of the first production unit trained and specialized in electroluminescent high-end supplies dedicated to aviation and much more.

A380 First flight test

June 21, 2015
Safran follows the original C17 organs and introduce it on a A380 fuselage.
Then, the innovative system is appeals by the public.

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A380 demo engineering for Aircelle

October 7, 2014
ELISA’s engineering office provide to Aircelle technical data to achieve
their own C17 A380 demonstrator.

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elisa aeronautics new york
Flight test center opening

April 5, 2013
Flight toward the success in Quebec, Stephane Huot challenges Elisa to develop the first artificial intelligence dedicated to helicopter landing assistance and pilot rescue. R&D center increase flight test from JetRanger, B2, EC145, R66 etc..

DGA funding

October 9, 2012
Receipt of state funding application by P.Dussans,
DGA officer of French government.

Elisa aeronautics New York
MCO Awards

October,the 1st 2012
Challenger of the one-shot contest organised by Thales engineering.

DGA seminar in the ADS show, Europe

September 29, 2012
In Bordeaux, ELISA crew meet requirement about
the state funding for SME’s access to key account market.

Eurocopter pilot safety

August 2012
C19’s personal safety textile and others protocols interest Eurocopter. Flight qualification in progress

Introduction to FAA, Washington DC

August 3, 2012
Symbiote and electroluminescent organs converter from the ELISA protocols are appear for
the first time in the United states federal administration.

By Elisa aeonautics
Elisa aeronautics
World 1st military fly test certification

February 2012
Air Force have been conduces a squad maneuver to proves the tactical efficiences of Elisa up to 4,000 feets.

Warship landing assistance

January 23, 2012
Meet with Xavier-Stanislas Azzis, Flottille 32F Cdt.
And learn more about the C18 nautical applications

Office Opening

January 1, 2012
ELISA Engineering is registered in NY State and office take place in Manhattan.

ELISA new york
Electroluminescent New york
Boeing EL system

Current 2011
In United states, Boeing order the first external display system from electroluminescent lamp.

World 1st Smart Fuselage

July 14, 2011
Elisa engineering office proves the capacity of the C17,C18 and C19 protocol during the world first manned flight with the conversion. Once converted, SA313 has been able to improves air navigation, display unit id on fuselage and communicate with the handler.

Elisa aeronautics
Gerard Pires support ELISA

July,7 2011
The famous movie director and Stephane Martin – French Army,
support the ELISA program from the very beginning.

Emirates knights

September 2001
The technology holder’s service for HH contributed to finance its University study.

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