LED vs EL Lighting Beacon comparaison

Beacon is interested in landing based on vision in the field of eyes visible. Elisa studies the sensitivity of the LED measurement against Electroluminescent in relation to the airstrip, with the aim of correcting the pose estimation.

For night landing in good weather, considerably simplifying the segmentation of light sources, it presents several laying estimation algorithms based on the lighting of the track by LEDs. The light sources are segmented, their discrete moments are calculated and constitute a measure entering a Kalman filter taking into account GPS measurements. This approach of fusion between vision and GPS is revisited with a simple model of the lighting of the track. Inspection of the lighting of the track by electroluminescent is also studied for comparison. It is based on the mapping of a track lighting model by C18 airstrip marking and is compared with conventional point extraction and tracking approaches.

LED light perimeter

4-3/4″ Amber LED Strobe Light Beacon with protective wire cage for warning/hazard lighting. Suitable for use on warehouse equipment such as forklifts, order pickers, and other industrial vehicles.


  • 90,000 Cd/m²
  • Lamp size : 0,001 m
  • May be 360 degree rotating pattern
  • You can’t Landing on it
  • Water-resistant beacon
  • Operating voltage 12~48VDC ,
  • Operating temperature: -25C to +50C
  • Rated at 30,000 hours
  • Available in compliant Green, Blue, White & Yellow
Elisa light perimeter

Elisa flush lights are set out to do the impossible.
Converter any area to a full-size experience airstrip with the largest one-pieces beacon of the history.

Then, in few minutes, Elisa technology help pilots to locate the Landing Zone (LZ) safely during night operations and inclement weather conditions.


  • 190 Cd/m²
  • Lamp size: 2m and more World largest beacon
  • May be portable for quick and easy installations
  • Resistant, you can Landing on it
  • Waterproof beacon
  • Operating voltage 12V-220V, 600/800 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -25C to +50C
  • Rated at 30,000 hours
  • Available in compliant Green, Blue, White & Yellow
Lighting area’s comparison

The luminous density concerns the use of luminance values of a heliport and also proposes a calculation function, the total area illuminated compare to the volume of minimum heliport lighting material FAA compliant generated by the FATO. The track is first segmented by the number of beacon and the image is binarized. The sum of the squares of the differences (SSD) is then exhaustively calculated, between lighting equipment and an area of interest of the binarized image, to estimate the airstrip’ discrimination.
Moreover, deformations of the heliport lighting relating to the landing trajectory make it possible to obtain an index of illumination with respect to the pilot. Landing detection and tracking techniques detect and aspect modification of the heliport in real time.

Elisa aeronautics New york

Conventional heliport lighting equipment compare to C18 heliport converted. Add-on required: hPAPI, anemometer, taxiway and FAROS.

Overview C-18 SLS
  • A – 1 24″ Beacon light 190 Cd/m²
  • B – 3 cables USB/Lighter/Wire ( total length: 13 m/42 fts )
  • C – 6 Eyelets
  • D – 1 Prohibited Landing Marker (PLM) backside with adhesive lines velcro
  • E – 1 Li-Po rechargeable battery
  • F – 1 GPS*
  • G – Sensors for marine use
  • H – 1 Wifi hotstop module*
elisa aeronautics
EL Beacon requirement

Device: C18 SLS.
Half life: 30,000 hours.
Power supply: 12V- 230 Vac – 800hz.
Photometry: ICAO
Terms of Use: – 20 ° C to + 55 ° C. Optional watertight lamp.
Control display: Solar cell, remote pilot or lighting system of the airstrip.
Operating System: ELISA-Messier Updated June 16, 2016
Available November 2016 in US

Shop For Yourself

Elisa provides solutions to all those who want to be easily rescue by air in mountain, desert and even in urban zone. Just keep it with you in your bag or car.

For Pilot

More than a lightweight beacon, it is a necessary survival equipment available for aircrew as a bag or heliport fast converter.

For Civilian Security

Equipping public’s vehicles of intervention and architectural to achieve the new night operation compliance regarding the lighting of ambulatory landing zones.

For Military

Tactical vest, infantry bag, portable camo heliport and much more. Elisa propose a range of integrated converter dedicated to military equipment in hostile zone. From soldier sphere to heavy carriers.

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