How install electroluminescent paint ?

Whether in the form of painting, film or textile covering, the electroluminescent light allows for visual effects when other conventional source are no longer effective. But where comes from electroluminescent liquids and especially, what is the requires tools for their synthesis? Electroluminescence can it supplanted other forms of lighting? The energy economy is it enough to justify the extra cost?

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I. Preface

1.What is a lamp with electroluminescence?

An electroluminescent lamp is a derivative of the LEDs and is defined by a combination of different functional layers “metal organic” forming a cold and waterproof lighting device.

This light device that does not require rigid support for work, these lamps have a formulation on liquid or semi-liquid phases that has allowed the emergence of flexible screen with 190 Cd/m², extra thin (0.003 mm) and conformable at will. The device is powered by a low-power converter via a suitable wiring harness.
The presence of non-toxic phosphorus inside electroluminescent lamp and high electricity sobriety, make it is sometimes called organic light.

It is noted that the native light of the lamp is directly related to formulation of the phosphor coating – generally White / blue – and that the lamp can be transparent.

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2. Compare with phosphorescent liquid ( Quantum dots excluded )

Fluorescent paint is a liquid which absorbs light and releases for a long period. Fluorescent paint and electroluminescent paint are liquids which shares common physical properties. There is a wide choice of colors.
Installation do not require electronic equipment and does not contain functional layer so it is easier to use.
Fluorescent paint is suitable for hazardous activities such as firefighters equipment or animated tattoos or light jewel.

3. Prerequisites

It is a combination of functional sprayable layers. And the electroluminescent paint is powered by a standard inverter – with or without motion.
So the very first equipment will be a power supply and airbrush.

Depending on its use and the quality of workmanship, electroluminescent lamp has no end customization.
Thus, a body surface area – ie. truck, boat, floor  – can become a switchable light communication device.
The organic light paint is not easy to install and liquid is deposited on a prepared area regardless of the form, like a classical painting.
After installation, it is coated with a conventional translucent varnish to protect against external constraints.

Note that this is not the varnish that provides electrical insulation.

II. Electroluminescent paint fields

1.What’s composed an electroluminescent paint ?
In substance, an electroluminescent paint is a painting that lights up on command.
Its functional sub-units consist of*:

  • Primary coat,
  • Conductive coat,
  • Dielectric layer,
  • Luminophore coat,
  • Busbar,
  • A suitable power source

*Polyurethane, Luminophore, Barium Titanate, ITO.etc
You can find online all of these supplies on specialized website like

Emlectroluminescent paint is sprayed onto vinyl film polyester fibers or ground. From these three ways of producing an organic light therefore has an infinite spectrum of use that embraces all of the creativity of its installer.
The aviation industry is particularly illustrated in Europe by intelligent heliports or light paints for aircraft cabin.

2. DIY paint formulation

a. Dissolve copper Sulfate in Water

Zinc sulfide activated with copper ZnS:Cu

b. Add Zinc to the solution

c. We try to make some Zinc sulfate + copper metal

You can buy Zinc sulfate in store. This is an catalyst agent (Activated).

Reaction take few minutes and stay a clear solution.
d. Mix Zinc sulfate activated (Glow powder) with copper ZnS:Cu

e. Dissolve copper sulfate in water.

Just a little beat. The procedure that talking about on this process is few hundred part per million.

Thus, solution turn blue again

f. For the next step, we need to be protect from oxygen.

So, use glass frit above the top of sulfate and you can remove the excess later. Then, put solution on kiln at 80 °C during 2 hours.

When you comeback, use a laser on it: it’s still glowing green.

They have a very short persistence. It’s seems that had different stratum persistence of the material and hung up that work very well.

g. Crush tube under the frit. Pick up the glass broke

electroluminescent liquid subtract Test structure

h. Paint subtract on di electric surface. Phosphor are suspended in water

Derived application

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3. Power supply

Electroluminescent painting : Damned, What a important topic for many ! But here, we only speak about installation. Main requirement: a power supply for electroluminescent, it heats. It must be installed in a ventilated area. The drivers themselves, should NEVER be installed backwards for heat dissipation to occur. It is best to mount vertically (in the direction of the cooling fins) otherwise flat. They must be secured, it is a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident, on a non-neutral support to ground. Never the same plate to avoid the creation of a second negative mass. A driver can weigh several pounds. Otherwise, nothing special to say. Learn more about power supply installation.

4. Atomistic

The configuration of the step 2 is causing the spread of blue-green light

Spatial development during Step 2

Spatial development during Step 2

Here behind is the energy diagram of energy stats in electroluminescent paint. Positive electrons are represented by the red circles and holes by black circles. Holes can be a part of non presence of electrons. Valence level is the energy level where electrons go before being excited by the conduction band.

electroluminescent energy stats diagram

Excited glow powder when UV’s light straight crystals and electroluminescent absorb enough energy to jump on band gape. This excited electron and they holes put the electron below the conduction band into the forbidden zone. It is un-probable they trapped back by the valence band. Band gape determine the light emitted. By changing this band, you change the color of the phosphor. By adding more crystals, we can short the persistence of the phosphor because electrons take more time to run to them.


Energy diagram for LED

To use this phosphor on electroluminescent mode. Below, a representation of physical  n and p semi-conductor. Electrons are ejected inside on the p. At the junction, electrons trapped in the connection band: this is electron holes recombination. Photons are emitted depending the band back again.electroluminescent valence

People still don’t really understand what is going on inside the Zinc Sulfate crystals. A popular theory is  that Copper Cu and ZnS for 2 hours and 80°C, copper component  ( the conductive) grows up between crystal.If you place phosphor on this structure and you apply an entraining current, electrons brake across copper and swap back in further discausing electrons accumulate on one side and holes in the other. When the field reverse, the holes recombined all photon emitted. And the cycle continued.

5. Installation

a. Define an artwork image via a graphical program. Mac OSX/Apple is recommended,

b. Transfer image on a template,

c. Install template on the surface,

e. Install bus bar and wiring,

d. Airbrush on cabin under UV light,

e. Uniformity control of each layer

f. Remove template.

Use translucent conductive coats for windows applications.

III. Electroluminescent paint Performance

1. Performance Chromatics Diagram CIE 1931

Light source comparison

Thickness 0%
Brightness 0%
Thickness 0%
Flexibility 0%
Economical 0%
Thickness 0%
Durability 0%
Thickness 0%
Brightness reflection0%




2. Alternative test

To make a viable comparative test, we should be compared two technologies with reciprocal and desired final appearance .

  • LED Paint

  • $189from
    • More Powerful
    • Visible day and night
    • Colors light modification
    • Tint and contrast
    • No bus bar
    • Inexpensive
    • Short time resistance
    • No chemistry skills require.


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    Parts by Electroluminescent store United states

  • El paint

  • $200from
    • No surface transformation
    • Low consummation
    • Expensive
    • Skill require
    • No investment
    • Long time resistance


    By Electroluminescent store versailles

    Parts by Electroluminescent store Europe

You need to determine which one of this both alternative meet your project before use it.

To go further


See also
For professional use, a training program will allow you to get practical aspect of commercialization . For installor,  no heavy investment is required but it is necessary to obtain a valid license to commercially use the patented process of applications.

You can meet retailers individually or  use an all-in-one solution.

In addition, list your workshop on a specialized network can be an advantage to sale worldwide from internet.
You can use free register services on

Finally, to create your own customize supplies from your place or to order raw materials ready to install, there is a fast and effective mobile application specialized in this field: Studio apps edited by Electroluminescent store available on Google store and Itunes .

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