ELISA aeronautics

Precision Approach Path Indicators

With a urban airstrip converted by ELISA, taxidrone station is able to provides a ILS stabilized approach by means of a light marking source from a position adjacent or included, to the intended touchdown point.

ELISA has an effective visual range of 20 nm at night. A user who is flying the approach on glidepath will see a steady white light. If he should stay above, he will see a pulsing blue light. Alternatively, if the user begins to descend below glidepath, he will first see a flashing red airstrip the lower he goes. E

For VFR operations, it is recommended to use PAPI mode when there is a night or more of the following night conditions:
1. Procedures crossing obstacles, reduce noise or traffic control requires particular slope to be.
2. The environment in which the heliport provides less visual references
the surface.
3. The characteristics of the taxidrone station require a stabilized approach.
– Provides a visual aid to the descent and approach of the user course.
– Standardized and recognized by the ICAO and FAA systems consist of HPAPI (heliport approach path indicator) in real time.
Although the most used are the APAPI FAA L-881 and HPAPI comply with Annex 14 Volume II. – 5.3.5, to be compact, installation and easy maintenance.

  • The location must avoid dazzling the pilot during final approach and landing and an integral part of the FATO.
  • It is recommended to locate an aiming point on the right side and parallel to the location of the axis approach of heliport or behind the TLOF (aligned in azimuth from the direction of preferred approach).
  • The lighting is even the ground under and around the aircraft.

C-18 system detects the aircraft and is effective over a corridor of 500 ft, an axis of 360 ° and distance up to 4,000 ft.

H-PAPI is displayed directly from the FATO / TLOF paint marking.
The dynamic signalization testify the trajectory and point of landing.
Moreover PAPI, C-18 heliport can also be combined with an anemometer and FAROS to considerably improves all maneuvering safety.

Elisa converter transforms visual aspect of any area. In perfect respect of the actual FAA regulation.
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