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For ELISA, it was the day after the tomorrow. Wednesday, the small company from New-York woke up in happiness after the successful flight test of the C17 A380 fuselage converter. Safran describe a major innovation for this Elisa’s protocol developed since 2011.

Resume of the innovation

The flight test of Aircelle is conducted by night during the 2015 Paris Air Show, France.
Ground maneuvers accomplished on the taxiway and the airstrip allow to prove the qualities of an electroluminescent marking on the external fuselage of the biggest airplane in the world: the Airbus A380.

One Rolls Royce reactor nacelle and a small part of the main fuselage were treated by a white/blue low resolution film with some 190 Cd/m² Airbus letters. Electroluminescent films are included on the aviation paint varnish in a way to not offer any resistance to air. Device is connected to a non aeronautical independently connected from the aircraft lighting system. Thus, engineers do not takes any electrical or precession risks for this A380 flight test.


This is the contexte how Safran device is introduced to touch the airlines equipment market. Thenceforward, specialized press and key account customers as Dassault and Virgin galactic/airlines welcoming enthusiastically this new advertising support. Sierge Riere, Aircelle Toulouse B.O.D is the project manager in charge of development, communication and resell.

Aircelle has huge funds to develop the technology. It is also necessary that the team of Toulouse manages to touch the understanding of its customers.
And if they succeed, here below are the challenges that Aircelle will have to face to achieve a serene marketing of electroluminescent marking on airliner;


Each airplane will need large size film print, wire and inverter tested and authorized to fly. Mass production in aviation required heavy production equipment, electronic engineering, internal aircraft and high-end abilities from labor. Read more >

  • MCO ( Maintain in Operational Condition )

Like all lighting system, electroluminescent lamp – named organs in Elisa protocol – half life is limited. Around 30.000 hours. Safran need to enlarge this windows to decreased the cost of MCO. Indeed, each A380 installation can be charged $75.000 for the company owner . Thales works in this way since 2012. Read more >


The fuselage treated by electroluminescence must by its nature change the physical properties of the cabin. Indeed, the large surfaces to be covered by the film and the wiring inherent in its feeding are as much factors needed to be test before any qualification FAA. Read more>


190 Cd/m² for a dynamic fuselage. Not enough to use the system in daylight even for an aircraft as big as A380. Improving display performance is a top priority for Aircelle. By the way, Safran has commissioned Elisa’s engineering office to work on screen discrimination since 2014.



A common appendice must govern civil air regulations if the device will be used by all airlines. For example, what color is allowed to avoid errors, what location, shape and frequency are prohibited. The FAA should decide on this point and be adopted by international institution. Read more about FAA regulation (fr) >


The electroluminescent fuselage is an undeniable innovation. Even though Safran flew the first Airbus A380, there is a previous literature describing patents, civil and military flights duly recorded by since 2011. CONTENTED RESERVED BY REQUEST OF AIRCELLE. Read more >

*Evidence one the communication service proudly evoke an huge innovation with no equivalent.

This is the context which evolves the development of electroluminescent paint in commercial aviation for Safran.

2015 SAFRAN 1st flight
    • A380 partially engineered by Elisa
    • Dynamic fuselage
    • Film
    • Up to 190 Cd/m²
    • Nacelle builder
    • Modified
    • Corporate

2011 ELISA 1st flight
    • Initial R&D, flight & patent
    • A.I Fuselage converter
    • Film, Liquid, Textile
    • Up to 90,000 Cd/m²
    • Production unit
    • State recording
    • LLC

Relation between Safran and Elisa

With the humility which honor this worldwide corporate, Safran contact head of engineering in 2014 to achieved their Airbus A380 demonstrator.
Lot of information have been provide to Safran thanks to the experience of ELISA around its 3 years database.
Another very remarkable point when you consider the difference between an billionaire corporation and a small engineering company; ELISA have been validated its own flight test since 2011. 4 years before one of the largest suppliers in the world. Watch >.

Elisa has designed, produced and delivered conversion equipment directly for Airbus Stelia. The first efferent organs were intended for the fuselage pt.11 of the new A350 neo XWD. Safran did not take realization of this material.

In addition, Elisa’s R & D program has been undergoing testing since 18 September by the Emirates government. The Ministry of the Interior must determine the safety of tactical operations under computer assistance. Read more> After validation, a technology transfer to the state will allow to extend functions of a simple electroluminescent display in human-machine interface such as;

  • Visual servoing
  • Tactical camo
  • Film and liquid EL organs
  • A.I. Symbiote
  • Heliport landing assistance
  • Warship landing assistance
  • Intelligent textile
  • Mobile heliport
  • And much more.


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