This infantry blitz that you can not see falling

Tactical camouflage represents a surprise factor for the marins who all have them. Indeed, this is the core of an attack strategy and relies on their airborne group to carry out a set of missions ranging from sky control to infantry deterrence.

A large part of their efficiency is conditioned by the use of their aircraft. The effectiveness of this use is characterized by the performance of the aircraft in terms of range of action, the discrimination of their Elisa C17 fuselage allowing their invisibility of day and payload.

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2011’s textile display conduced Police to works on intelligent textile camo notably for infantry.

But just as important as these technical capabilities is the operational management of these aircraft which ultimately ensures the effectiveness of the interventions.

And an important part of this effectiveness is the use of C19 tactical camouflage equipment during their parachute jump. Find ELISA converters >

Infantry parachute
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