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Tank shooting is a key phase for the survival of a SQUAD

Tank shooting is a key phase for the effectiveness of a squad. Any failure results in, at best, a loss of efficiency of the vehicle due to the loss of time and at worst, by accidents affecting the safety of the crew, the integrity of a detachment.

 The exercise of the Ground-to-air shooting is one of the most difficult that can encounter a pilot of the tank and that is why the qualification to piloting requires the follow-up of a draconian process of formation and a continuous evaluation.

elisa aeronautics new york

Indeed, in addition to the inherent difficulty of targeting an aerial target, there is also the displacement of the tank, ground attacks, wind, terrain conditions affecting driving dynamics and visibility conditions.

How C17 protocol limite the visibility of a tank by daytime.

At present, many studies are working on the future embarkation of camouflage to multiply the infiltration of tanks and rocket launchers. Fully automatic active camouflage is one of the critical technologies for this use.

In order to meet this need, ELISA-based approaches are dedicated on the location of hostile observers with respect to GPS-friendly differential lines, taking into account the movements of troops.

elisa aeronautics new york

C17 display the scene behind the tank to disappear.

This 3D illustration shows the bioluminescent organs deployed according to the structure of the tank.
The already existing internal vision system is connected to the Elisa symbiote which provides the projection of a video on the cabin. The efferent organs are inexpensive and easily interchangeable by the crew. With 90.000 cd/m², active camo can be use in daytime and underwater.

Concept tank perfectly fit for stealth .

Here there is the ideal aspect of a tank conceived around stealth operations using an active camouflage system. No tuberosity and large area allowing better image discrimination, even at high speed.

elisa aeronautics New york
lisa aeronautics New york
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Active Camo Protocol

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