A.I heliport light equipment under FAA compliance

When you landing in your rooftop, at the hotel deskpad, all  marks from the taxidrone light up. And because lighted surface is much larger than ever, heliport is allowed by FAA to extend limits of areal traffic.

Properly install a taxidrone station light equipment under FAA compliance.

C18 FATO Light Perimeter
  • In the square or rectangular areas, Elisa C18 uses omnidirectional and integral white lights or below 50 m intervals with a minimum of four lights on each side, including a total ringroad light. (FAA indicates green lights).
  • In the other areas, including circular, integral or less intervals of 5 m with a minimum 10 lights. (FAA indicates at least 8 green lights 25 ‘maximum).
  • Flush Lights should be located on the perimeter of the FATO or not more than 30 cm this.
  • If using substrates used as high lights should not exceed a height of 25 cm from the platform
  • Being direct paint on the ground, the FAA mandatory indicating that the light should not exceed more than 5 cm of the platform is respected.
  • The equipment should be certified FAA L-861, L-852, EB 67 or Annex 14 Volume II -. 5.3.6
Elisa Manhattan
C18 TLOF Light Perimeter
  • C18 uses markings to spread a green light. A marking on each corner and the rest evenly spaced. Add more light beacons if you need to comply with a maximum distance.
  • Heliport area: 5m maximum integral beacon (FAA says 25 maximum).
  • Elevated Heliport: Maximum 3 m integral beacon (FAA says 25 maximum).
  • They are usually flush type installed on the perimeter of this area or not more than 1.5 m outside the TLOF.
  • Once Elisa is install, it is no longer necessary to use on elevated helipads some high lights when the TLOF and FATO match.
  • If you convert some substrats to connect with Elisa, it should be unbreakable.
  • In circulars TLOF, these substrates are placed in straight lines, possible outside a sector of 45 ° on the circle.
  • It Should be certified equipment FAA L-852, EB 67 or in accordance with Annex 14 Volume II -. 5.3.8.
elisa aeronautics New york
Electroluminescent organs of Elisa CPU are directly painted on the ground as marking.
Elisa aeronautics New york


Deployed an airstrip with Elisa converter.
And allow owner to access to urban flight certification
in Dubai city and all Emirates.
All building compatible.

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