TESLA at the UN. Here lies hope, steeped in wisdom and technology.

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The greatest danger of man could be artificial intelligence
This declaration of the Tesla's owner is completely dumb.

Here lies hope, kneaded with wisdom and technology.

The response from one of  members of the eminent National Committee of Scientific Research (CNRS) to the subject of Elon Musk is without appeal; – “The only way to get out of this is not to invent crazy technology with cars that are very popular in California, it’s to stop all screwed up !”.

If it seems difficult to predict which scientist will be disavowed first, it is clear that the purpose divides, the public opinion and creates a polemic of society within our institutions. To be convinced of this, it is essential to identify the two major ideological currents that emerge in a state of law. It would be difficult or even illegitimate to claim that these are the only conceivable alternatives. Nevertheless, terms of the answers given during the conference “From Cosmos to reality” limit the field of analysis to technology and ecology. It will be necessary to ask then if our civilization can or must survive its own pitfalls.

Also, assuming that our natural growth pattern is based on apoptosis (I) and on the other hand, the development of civilization is influenced by technological innovation (II), what threat should be addressed first by the United Nations (III) ?

I / I / The theory of programmed death of the biological species.

It is firstly necessary to remind the apoptosis model of functioning ( A ) before supporting the analogy with contemporary society ( B ).

  • A / Fundamentals of apoptosis

This notion of genetically programmed death of multicellular cells is inherited from the first steps of histology since the introduction of MET in 1972. Apoptosis is the physiological neutralization inherent to the proper functioning of a biological organism. Without causing a constitutive gap (Senescence) or disappearance (Cancer) of the genome or any cytoplasmic rupture (Necrosis), apoptosis ensures the adaptation of the species to its external constraints by the expression of its phenotype (Mutation). This phenomenon is at the origin of the moulting of the caterpillars to chrysalis and then, in butterfly. Thus, after having reached its highest level of evolution, the biological organism is freed from its previous limits by modifying its mode of energy consumption and growing.

Nevertheless, if the histological model is now well described in the evolution of fauna, does it support a tangible anthropological comparison ?

B / Man and the earth in danger

In other words, in order to be able to affirm that our contemporary society is neither more nor less than a simple unit of consumption destined to extinction, it is useful not to ignore a certain comparison with a cell strain subjected to apoptosis. To be convinced, historically the literature supports this vision from 1971 with the publication of “The man and the earth in danger” by Secretary of State MARIE FARGUES.

Indeed, its author wonders about the asymbiotic effects of our presence in the ecosystem. Later, the French legislator will respond to a collective awareness of the harmful effects of human activity by giving a constitutional dimension to the Environmental Act supported by JACQUES CHIRAC ( Loi n°2005-205 Art 4, 5 et 6 ). During a conference “From Cosmos to reality” held in November 2017 in Paris, Pr BARRAU Astrophysicist recalls ” that an exponential growth in a finite system, it does not work. In physic, we call it instability, we have entered such a system that is characterized, without any doubt, by a crash. ” This last assertion in turn supports the model of programmed death of the dominant species based on consumption anarchic natural resources that are vital to it.

Starting from this notion, one could admit that the causal link connecting the effects of the presence of man and his immediate environment is based on a universally identical definition. However, this observation is nuanced. As of October 2017, a dramatic turnaround by the US Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) led to the repeal of an OBAMA administration plan for the closure of coal plants in Wyoming. In the same period, the seizure of the CEO of SpaceX warns the UN about the danger of “killer robots“.

II / The theory of civilizational invagination by technology.

This declaration translated the ideology of the most militarily powerful country in the world (A), it is therefore appropriate to discuss the real harmlessness of the artificial intelligence against its creators belonging them to the biological order (B).

Elisa Aeronautics
  • A / What kind of ideological markers influence the United States?

In our country where the budget of the Ministry of Defense was $ 609.9 billion in 2014 (against only $ 62 for France), we can not deny that the current of socio-cultural thoughts of the United States does not have repercussions to worldwide. Also, when the owner of the most publicized industry in the world is pronounced in the field that made his success, it is legitimate to think that his remarks translate into reality, an ideological current shared, rightly or not, by many people.

Therefore, we understand that technology is of particular importance in the national ideology. Firstable, in the field of transport with the industrialization of electric vehicles, TESLA is concerned to achieve a zero carbon footprint. We can also mention the SPACEX space charter program, whose objective here is budgetary. In the cross-section of the budget and ecology, domestic solar panels in the form of tiles is a diversification requirement to which the Californian company SOLARCITY folds in order to hear its market share. In addition, the R&D center is engaged in work around public transport such as a vacuum electromagnetic train, the HYPERLOOP or even the co-development of the Dubai taxidrone: the ELISA protocol. In addition, the manufacturer BOSTON DYNAMICS induces new perspectives in the field of mechanical orthopedics and the GOOGLE machine learning lays the foundations of the genesis autonomy for the artificial intelligence.

In sum of what for US, green technology is a paradigm that prepares for the advent of independent entity, the growth of which would mean the overthrow of the dominant species.

  • B / The artificial intelligence at the origin of the man extinction but not of civilization

Behind this chapter whose title is could be inspired by a conference from the astrophysicist ROLAND LEHOUCQ, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique ( CEA ) in France remains in reality a popular belief that postulates the annihilation of the human species in its biological form. This vision consecrates artificial intelligence not as a substratum of human creativity but as its product of superior quality, so that its deployment would result in the disappearance of the least adapted civilization of the two to its environment. Like the loggers ‘chainsaws and the sinners’ harpoons, robot specialization in selective eradication (DARWIN, Origin of the species). Thus like loggers and sinners, robot specialization in selective eradication (AI-generated killer robots able to open fire without human decision) would serve a useful purpose in the establishment of a civilization independent of humanity. In this scenario, the maturation of AI, the uniqueness of communication systems and the refinement of mechanical orthopedics are the breeding ground for android existentialism ( THOMAS HOBBS, Le leviathan ). This is mainly the content of the very serious referral transmitted by ELON MUSK from Tesla to the United Nations ( UN ) in New-York City.

That is why, while the state of law is working to cure the ills of the City like terrorism, the delegates of the UN have the task of deciding major scientific questions which will have a supranational political impact so to transcend the challenges ahead.

III / Which scientific movement should be legitimized by the United Nations ?

At a time when the control of conventionality ensures these two major scientific movements to be examined by the institutional authorities (A), are they anyway a guarantee of legitimacy in the face of other alternative modes of extinction (B) ?

  • A / The proceedings on the merits

Elon Musk seized by open letter, under ministry of a petition signed in person, the secretariat of the Presidency of the UN. Although the procedure does not include an official act of denunciation of the US Army with the Security Council, it is asked to circumscribe all the projects of autonomous artillery. Since UN directives have an influence on the positive law of member states, delegates have values of international judges. Recall that America sits as a permanent member of this council (Article 23, Chapter 5 Organizational Code) and that it uses a democratic mode of affirmative majority voting (Art 7 OC) compatible with the coalition system.

The purpose should then be “judged” on the substance with the contradictory principle that must debate the real safety of the threat “killer robots” in a context of peacekeeping and international security. However, the absence of imminent danger or jurisprudence in this area gives a purely speculative notion to the debates. In addition, the international coalition regime can not curb extremely strong financial lobbying on the basis of mere presumptions. Undoubtedly, it is at this level that the scientific movement led by Professor Barrau comes into play.

  • B / For the UN, does hope lie in wisdom or in technology ?

Opposability of Professor Barrau’s ideology is based on means founded in fact and in law. It is therefore as reasonable and proportionate counter-argument that could be raised the words of the astrophysicist CNRS to measure the prevalence of security risks incurred. Indeed, since ecology has a constitutional expression attributable to 40 years of antecedents, it does not require a preliminary inquiry to establish the formal proof. Moreover, without even going to the bottom, a directive based on a reorientation of internal policy of natural resource management would reveal the incompetence of the Security Council.

Therefore, the exception in nullity of the “killer robots” will suspend the judgment of the referral and the execution of any directive inhibiting the means of innovation for armed defense from the coalition.


This technical contest makes apoptosis, a predictive model politically more reliable than that of killer robots. 

But after all, is it scientifically the most coherent?

According to the classic literature of anticipation such as RICHARD FLEISCHER Green Sun in 1973 and ALDOUS HEXLEY Brave new world in 1932, the submission to the technological sovereignty returns whatever happens to the invagination of our inalienable rights. Only the gravitational waves’s control does not carry with it an obstacle to the reality of the moral relations by human (SPINOZA, Theory of the conatus); then we would switch to a mode of interstellar parasitism in perfect adequacy with our deep nature and our physiological needs. But colonization would have on Earth a less avowable epitaph: Here lies hope, kneaded with wisdom and technology.

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