United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Today, Dubai is the city of the Middle East where there are the most qualified Western expatriate.


The internal politic management of United Arab Emirates partially conducted by the SAS Al Maktoum since the end of the Gulf war contribute to its cultural and technological influence throughout the world.

At equal proportion, United Arab Emirates bring a professional fulfilling much higher than the United States. In the very next years, United Arab Emirates’s growth economic will you continue or collapse? How Trump’s presidency can be influenced by the technology transfer to United Arab Emirates? What quality of life for Western expatriates?
This private story illustrates these issues and opens reflection about the future of United Arab Emirats for the 5 years coming.


In general, the Dubaiites are quite tolerant of other cultures and religions, which can be practiced freely. Without saying that the Emirates represent a model of tolerance and equality, we must recognize that they are rather welcoming to other cultures. Just look around when you are in a shop, a café, a supermarket: you will see some Arabs from the Gulf (Emirati, Qatari, Saudis, Omani …) wearing traditional clothes, Western dressed in fashion European, Asians (Filipinos, Pakistanis, Indians …); In a nutshell, the locals are generally in the minority wherever they are, and it does not seem to be a problem.

Of course, it is not about doing anything! The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, so there are some rules to respect in Dubai: avoid signs of affection in public, do not wear indecent or vulgar clothes, not be drunk or drink alcohol in public …

Today, the salary offered in Dubai is generally much higher than what one would expect in the USA. Not to mention all the advantages enjoyed by expats: housing, purchase of new furniture, telephone plan, part of the food … Beyond the attractive salary, there are also many Interesting Career Opportunities: As the 2020 World Expo approaches, Dubai is growing at a phenomenal pace (understand: even faster than usual), and companies are hiring everything.


Here, more than elsewhere, cultural diversity is evident: 200 different nationalities and more than 80 languages. It must be said that 40% of New Yorkers were born outside the borders and that more than half are not nationals American. A communitarianism which, if found in certain districts like China Town or Little Italy in Manhattan seems less cut off than in the other cities of the country.

New York is the 15th most expensive city in the world and the most expensive city in North America. Compared to Dubai, London or Tokyo, New York may seem cheap! But it is a global ranking, including criteria as varied as food, clothing, leisure, housing … If one takes account of housing for example, one of the positions of major expenditures, New York becomes one of the most expensive cities in the world.

New York is home to the world’s largest financial market: the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), created in 1792 by twenty-four stockbrokers who met at 68 Wall Street, attracting financial tycoons. On Wall Street, but also in Times Square, at the top of the city’s most beautiful buildings, traders, insurance companies, bankers push up or down prices. If the Internet bubble crisis of the late 1990s and the events of September 11, 2001 have plagued the economy, business is re-starting.

New York offers other work opportunities, if you get a visa naturally. You should also be aware that many American companies also look for bilingual staff. And of course, the city is full of odd jobs of all kinds: deliverers, waiters, men or maids … In the streets, you will also see many people distributing flyers, especially in the tourist district of Times Square.

This September 21, 2001, right after the attacks on the Wold Trade Center, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum takes place aboard the UAE’s official Airbus accompanied by others members of the crown family, dignitary, bodyguards and Dubai TV², towards Perugia airport² in Italy.


He is 17 y.o, but a solid experience of race and an impressive Arabian mustang with 2 feets withers arrived from Switzerland with his coach, which enabled it to be selected and win a victory in the international championship for his team: Emirates knights.

” My service for the Emirates financing my University. 15 years later born EL Fuselage, RTA Drone station converter and Kunêe camo.  “

Kind older than the Prince, JBL² (Me) as a Logistic coordinator assistant help manager to organized all procession journey operations in Europe ( Italia, France, Luxembourg..). As a diplomatic core, no local civil/penal laws are applied but Emirates knights always makes sure to respect all country regulation during their competition travel.
At the full disposal of the Government and accompanying Marcelino, I works for this purpose during our service for HH Al Maktoum.

Sometimes, HH took an exceptional interested for his staff, crafted dialogue with us about the dress codes in Paris ( Dubai Mall and MOE will appear 13 years later ). “Our service for his Highness allow for a part of your crea to cover their university fees.” Marcelino confess one day to HH.
Since this moment, the entire crew received a bonus up to 50%.

JBL Prologue

After 3 years in Doctorat of Medicine and an Engineer school, I took the position of Head of Engineering dept. at Elisa aeronautics, New-York City.

We took the strategy to develop our production in Dubai were taxation and capping of minimum salary support the deployment of research and development.

Also, take back in the country at origin for the electroluminescent technology in aeronautics appears like an evidence.

Most of ELISA protocols comes literally from the influence of the UAE government during 2K. United Arab Emirates currently appeals demonstrator to develop Police units with Artificial intelligence symbiote, Dubai Taxi drone station and sit property from military/civil apps.

Trump vs Al Maktoum

In sum, investment of the United Arab Emirates on its own wealth created its own long-term revenue independent of fossil energies. And inertia developed by the income boost by homotropism the real economy. Al Maktoum’s emirates therefore have a dual regimen with a short economic deployment and long-term growth.

The Trump’s economy is mainly based on the balances of the war boom and independence from fossil energies. It is a steamroller that slowed, but launched at 170 mph. It does not help much wealth creation for the middle class than Emirates. It is very likely that part of the population will pass for 4,5 years to gain experience and capital.

Elisa Aeronautics Dubai
Dedicated to Cheikh Rashid Al Maktoum
November 12, 1981 – September 9, 2015
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